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Scout House is Seeking Volunteers

posted Nov 4, 2009, 5:33 PM by Committee Chair ‎(Curtis Gekle)‎

Dear Friends of the Scout House,

The Scout House is in need of volunteers.  We’ve listed some positions that vary in time commitment.  Please take the time to look through the list.  If you are interested please contact Lois at the office 978-369-3455 or one of the Board members listed below.  As the saying goes…many hands make light work!

Computer IT

The Scout House operates with one, non-networked computer.  We have an immediate need to purchase a new computer.  With that, we need an experienced individual to help transfer programs/data, etc.  Other than the initial setup, the time commitment on a regular basis is minimal.  

Website Maintenance

The Scout House is in need of an experienced volunteer to maintain their website with current events and news.  The time schedule is extremely flexible, with a commitment of approximately 2-3 hours per month.  Initially, changes to the website may take additional time with no strict time schedule to meet.


The Scout House is in need of a volunteer(s) historian to pull together various sources of information on the building and users of the building.  This could involve the creation of a scrapbook, including press clippings, updating the information to be put on the website, documenting interviews from users of the building current and past.  There’s no deadline to meet or Board meetings required.  Knowledge of the computer with the ability to scan and organize documents electronically would be very helpful.

Fundraising Committee Member

The Scout House is in need of volunteers to assist in its fundraising efforts.  It’s a very exciting time.  We are undergoing major renovations to the building that will require an increased fundraising effort.  The time commitment can be flexible.  Your time can be event based or committee based.  Ideas and energy are needed!

Board Member

The Scout House is always looking for dedicated Board members.  We are a working Board with varying interests in the Scout House and one goal: To provide the community a wonderful place to meet.

Thank you,

Members of the Scout House Board

Mark Jones, John Tovrov, Debbie Duggan, Laurie Avakian, Lisa Greenleaf, Allan Chertok, Jack O’Connor and Robert Kiihne