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Philmont Opportunity this Summer!

posted May 21, 2009, 5:38 PM by Committee Chair ‎(Curtis Gekle)‎

To all Scouts 14 years old or older and their parents:

There are 2-3 crew member openings for Philmont this summer. Father-son team preferred. The expedition dates are 7/14 to 7/28 (Boston-Denver-Philmont-Denver-Boston.) One of the Crew Leaders is Andy Aldous, legendary TL Storer program director, counselor, and now local Scoutmaster.

If you are interested, you MUST contact Dianna Parisi at 617-615-0004 ext 303 ASAP. Deadline is Wed, 5/27. If they don't have enough crew, they might have to cancel so let's help them out!"


Dear Friends
  You are the first [second] to get this email.  We have a crew going to Philmont
that is undersized.  It needs 2 more members at a minimum, 3 would be
better.  We could use a father-son team, or some variation.  Youth members
must be under 18.  If we don't get this, then this crew could be cancelled.

    The crew is leaving Boston on Tuesday, July 14, and would return two
weeks later on Tuesday July 28.  They are flying into Denver for a fun
couple of days of activities arriving at Philmont on the 16th.

    As many of you know, Philmont Scout Ranch is one of the National High
Adventure Camps, and is located in Cimmaron New Mexico.  This could be the
chance of a lifetime for a youth you know.

     Crew Leaders Andy Aldous and Chicky de la Paz are hoping that you know
of a youth or two that would love to challenge themselves, or you and  your
son are up for a challenge.

   If you are at all interested, you MUST contact Dianna Parisi at
617-615-0004 ext 303.  The deadline is next Wednesday, May 27.


Yours in Scouting,
Marian McQuaid