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2010-2011 Troop Registration is Open

posted Sep 20, 2010, 6:35 PM by Committee Chair ‎(Curtis Gekle)‎
Registration is now open for the 2010-2011 Scouting season!  There will be a registration table set up at the beginning of the September troop meetings or alternatively the required payment/forms can be mailed to Chas Horvath at 60 Laurel Street, Concord.   All forms will be available at the troop meeting registration table plus they are available via the troop's web site (go to www.troop132.com -> Forms).

All medical, license, and insurance information will be kept in strictest confidentiality.  If you do not plan to rejoin for the 2010-2011 Scouting season please send Committee Chair Chas Horvath email (chas@horvaths.org).  A Scout needs to be registered by late October to remain on the troop's rolls.

Scout Registration

Scout registration requires payment and possibly a number of forms:
  • Registration is $60 for the first Scout from a family and $48 for each additional Scout from the same family (unless multiple copies of Boy's Life are desired, then it's $60 for all Scouts).  Checks should be made out to "BSA Troop 132".
  • Annual medical forms are needed for all Scouts.  Those who went to summer camp are covered.  Those who did not go to summer camp need to fill out at least parts A and C of the official scout medical form (no doctor's signature required) and are encouraged to fill out part B as well (doctor's signature required).
  • A Troop Conduct Guidelines form must be signed by all new Scouts and a new Scout's parent.
  • New Scouts must complete a registration form.  A registration form is not required for Scouts who were registered last year.

Parent Responsibilities and Registration

The troop has three important requests from parents:
  • In order to provide our boys a quality program we strongly request (bordering on require) that each parent volunteer to assist the troop in some capacity during the year.  The task can be one a shot (e.g. leading a trip or two, going on a trip, volunteering for a fund raiser) or filling a leadership position.  Send Chas Horvath email (chas@horvaths.org) or see him at the registration table to discuss this. This is your chance to serve.
  • We strongly request that one parent from each family register.  We need a minimum number of register adults at Scouting events and having a large pool of candidates makes it easier to supply our boys a quality program.  There is no charge for adult registration (the troop covers it) and the form will also be at the registration table and are available online.
  • Adult registration requires the BSA's equivalent of a CORI check, so a drivers license photocopy is needed.
  • Adult registration also requires that you take the online Youth Protection Training, available at http://olc.scouting.org/info/ypt.html.
  • Scout insurance regulations require that the following information be supplied for each driver/vehicle that transports Scouts (other than your own son) to/from/on a Scout outing.  If not already done so in a previous year please supply the following via email to mhoag@verizon.net or at the registration table for any parent/car combination that may be transporting Scouts to/from a Scouting event this year:
Kind, year, and make of vehicle
Number of seat belts
Owner's name
Driver's license number
Will everyone wear a seatbelt? (hint: correct answer has 3 letters)
Insurance coverage:
  -> Liability per person (no longer permitted to say "Mass state min")
  -> Liability per accident (no longer permitted to say "Mass state min")
  -> Property damage (no longer permitted to say "Mass state min")

Thanks and have a great scouting year!!!!
Thanks and have a great scouting year!!!!